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How do I remove my account and its associated stats from

It seems this has syndicated all over and I did not want that. For reasons I would not like to share I need this information gone. Here's one example of this syndication I did not approve of:


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Remove account

I don't know what you mean by "syndicated" but is only one of the stats sites (there are maybe 5-10 such sites)

Even if the account at the project (here and/or at SETI@home, MilkyWay@home) is deleted (I'm sure at SETI@home it is not possible)
I think your name will stay at the stats sites.

To 'hide' your identity just change the name (at all 3 projects) to e.g. YYY GGG
After a few days the stats sites will show YYY GGG instead of your current username.

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