Problem w/my A64 4200+ x2 Powered Acer.

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I just got back from doing Folding@Home for a while.

One of my computers is a brand new computer, which did OK on Folding@Home, but is doing horrible here w/Einstein@Home.

Out of 26, I've had 21 Client/Computer Errors.

My system is an Acer L100, w/an AMD Dual Core 2.2 GHz A64 4200+ x2 processor, 2.0 gb memory, and Windows XP Pro. It is not overclocked.

My other computer, a Dell Precision 470 Workstation, w/dual 3.2 GHz Xeon's is doing OK, w/no errors.

Any reason(s) for my problem w/my Acer?


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Problem w/my A64 4200+ x2 Powered Acer.

The current Einstein version has only alpha-quality.
As there are lots of different errors (not only on
your box), it is most likely some wrong memory access
issue (uninitialized pointer, array too small or so)

p.s.: some of your results crashed with a "good" hint :

Level 3: $Id: SFTfileIO.c,v 1.123 2007/04/24 15:32:38 bema Exp $
2007-04-28 06:55:47.7500 [normal]: Status code 2: Error in file-IO
2007-04-28 06:55:47.7500 [normal]: function LALLoadSegmentedSFTs, file SFTfileIO.c, line 799


00786 /* read from firstbin to end */
00787 if ( (fp = fopen_SFTLocator ( catalog->data[catFile].locator )) == NULL ) {
00788 LALPrintError ( "Failed to open locator '%s'\\n",
00789 XLALshowSFTLocator ( catalog->data[catFile].locator ) );
00790 LALDestroySFTVector (status->statusPtr, &sfts);
00792 }
00793 read_sft_bins_from_fp (status->statusPtr, &onesft, &binsread, firstbin, lastbin, fp);
00794 fclose(fp);


Have you excluded all of BOINC and its subdirectories from
your virus scanner?

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