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Has anyone else noticed their pending task list increasing this last week? Normally I have ~140 as of now it is up to 200. I find that to be odd.

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mine has been in the normal

mine has been in the normal range of ebb and flow (which is considerable).  And, yes, I log my fleet total pending tasks into a spreadsheet daily (had a year or so pause, and resumed July 11, 2017 with the task page upgrade).

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A rise and (sometimes!) fall

A rise and (sometimes!) fall in pendings is the nature of the beast. Most times the rise is greater than normal because your work units are paired with participants with slower hosts or that only crunch part time.
It's nothing to worry about, all that's required is a little patience :-)
My own pending task list has risen by 100 - 150 units this week. I'm now sat on over 7300 awaiting validation with very many a month or more old.


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