USAF AMMO (paveway)
USAF AMMO (paveway)
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Just wondering about those who have several computers processing WU's if you all have a bunch of pending credits. I have only 2 computers and it is getting close to adding 1 pending a day. Right now I have 9 pending.


Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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> Right now I have 9 pending.

Right now I have over 100 pending. I didn't bother to actually count them all but the total cobblestones pending is 9,000.

My oldest pending goes back to March 10 (my date of completion). There are two of us just waiting for a third to put us out of our misery. So far there have been two client errors and one expiry after 7 days and now there are two new crunchers who have both started on March 24. Maybe one of these will get lucky :).

Edit: Don't you just love how Boinc lets you see down deep to what is actually going on :).


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