Password with punctuation fails in Boinc

Kate Ewart
Kate Ewart
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I entered a password with letters and numbers, the site said it wasn't secure and I should add punctuation.  I added %£$ to the end, now Boinc won't attach.  I had to make the password insecure again so Boinc would talk.  Please don't suggest things which make it break.

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I have had stupid stuff like

I have had stupid stuff like that , with me it was a new internet facing network router that could be attacked , the config stated "use a strong admin password" , but it had a maximum limit of 16 characters whatever they where . it never did get hacked but to me a limit of 16 iz not good .

Keith Myers
Keith Myers
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Or when it prompts for

Or when it prompts for letters, upper and lower case, numbers and symbols.

But only allows 4 distinct symbols and not all the common ones on the keyboard.


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