output file missing - used up all my daily quota

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Joseph Stateson
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With cooler weather, I brought back online a win10 system, gtx1070 type.  I added the Einstein project and within a few minutes 39 tasks errored out.  Probably some configuration or hardware problem but it would be helpful if a notice was popped up, texted, or emailed and that boinc would not allow any more downloads after the first fatal error. 

Einstein@Home    11/7/2020 3:06:59 AM    Output file LATeah1066L03_508.0_0_0.0_3253845_2_0 for task LATeah1066L03_508.0_0_0.0_3253845_2 absent    

All 39 looked like the above

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Your 12 second elapsed time

Your 12 second elapsed time errors look like some basic configuration problem.

This text in stderr:

"Failed to get OpenCL platform/device info from BOINC (error: -1)!
initialize_ocl(): Got no suitable OpenCL device information from BOINC - boincPlatformId is NULL - boincDeviceId is NULL
initialize_ocl returned error [2004]
OCL context null
OCL queue null"

hints that your driver has not configured your machine suitably.

I'll guess the first steps would be 

1. reboot

2. if no better download a fresh driver fresh from the Nvidia site

I doubt you hit your quota limit after the first error.  It reduces your quota sequentially as errors continue, and is very, very generous in giving quota back to you when you return good results.

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Almost certainly a drive

Almost certainly a drive issue.  The default driver version MS deploys with each major half-yearly update doesn't include compute support; forcing you to redownload the latest full driver from NVidia.

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