Old newbie unable to transfer Seti W/U's to Boinc

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Being an old newbie from the original seti sight, I had just made it into the top 1% when boinc was forced on us, being very upset left for a couple of months. However, I have since loaded the new system in my computers and am trying to transfer my old work units for credit in the new system. I followed all the instructions but, the info that is suppose to be sent to my e-mail (with an account number)has never shown up. The seti site indicates that they have a valid e-mail address but..........?? Is there any way to transfer the years of work units from the old system to the new????
Thanks in advance; Maverick

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Old newbie unable to transfer Seti W/U's to Boinc

You do know you're posting this on the Einstein forums? Not on the Seti@Home forums?

Whereas you will only see the Classic credits as a memento under your account on Seti, you won't see them under your account here as this is a completely different project. They won't either be added to your credits here.

So please go to the Seti Help Desk forums and ask there. The people there should be more able to help you than any of us here can.

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SetiClassic workunits will

SetiClassic workunits will not be converted to Cobblestones, the measuring unit of BOINC work credit. Because the SC Workunits were not calibrated, they cannot be translated to cobblestones. They will appear on your SetiBOINC account page and as a separate line on most of the third-party "signatures", as you'll note below on mine.


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