An odd result

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I took a bit of a break from E@H, but now that winter is back in full force I've been crunching away to help keep the place warm :) So its good to be back.

Have a look at this WU

Host 1595633 has an unusually fast crunch time for this WU. Normally I'd think it was just a highly overclocked computer, but looking at the result page for this host does not support that idea.

Also note that the host is only claiming 41.70 credits for that WU, although I'm not sure if that's unusual.

I'm new to S5R4, so I'm not sure if WU's can end early or something similar, and I'm just being dense. Just wanted to point this out.

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An odd result


My guess is there was some kind of glitch on the host which caused it to reset the accumulated CPU Time at some point during the run.

If you look through the stderr data for the task you find there were a lot of lost CC heartbeat events during the run.

Doing a little ballpark calculating:

The average run time for the host is around 25 Ksecs. so;

((25 K - 15 K) / 25 K)) * 842 = ~336

So now looking through the stderr data closer we see there was a lost heartbeat event between skypoints 366 and 367. Since my time estimations are crude, this is probably when the CPU Time reset occurred.


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