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I keep getting warnings that my work isn't being sent and i don't have a GPU. I know i don't have one and i set it to off all the time. I'm just wondering why this is happening

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No Work Sent

You do have a Graphics Processing Unit, it's just that it's an ATI, not an Nvidia. CUDA only runs on the Nvidia cards, not on ATI. And the GPU application here is for CUDA, so you will continue to get messages about your BOINC asking for work on the GPU and getting the error message back that you don't have an Nvidia GPU.

Those messages will eventually stop to bother you and only show up once every 24 hours. If, that is, you stop clicking Update on this project, as each time you do, the timer on the GPU scheduler gets reset and it'll give those messages again.

BOINC uses two different internal schedulers to ask for work. One is for the CPU and one is for the GPUs and other coprocessors. You can easily completely ignore the ones for the GPU. They won't interfere in you getting work for your CPU.

And as long as you stop detaching from this project and reattaching to it, you may just get work for it.

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