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3/13/2005 9:38:31 AM|Einstein@Home|Message from server: (won't finish in time) Computer on 34.5% of time, BOINC on 37.5% of that, Einstein gets 33.3% of that

This is the message I get. I understand the first % since this is on my computer at work and its not on all the time. I understand the last % since that is the resource share I have allocated (even though I think this % should be doubled since it an H/T processor). What I don't understand is the middle %. BOINC runs all the time while the computer is on. Why would it be listed as 37.5%?

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The time stats code was changed in 4.25. Prior to that the middle % (active_frac) was of the total time BOINC was able to run. Now it is the percent of the time that the computer is on and BOINC is able to run. It will straighten itself out eventually. It is already starting to since it is higher than the on_frac, that was an impossible condition under the old system.


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