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MAGIC Quantum Mechanic

MAGIC Quantum Mechanic wrote:

It used to be called Puget Sound Power and Light and they had a lake they also used called Lake Tapps where we went every summer in the 60's

So as you can imagine I didn't vote to have PSE leave us and switch to these PUD clowns Undecided

(it looks like Fall is officially here today)

One friend of mine from New York is very proud to pay 3 times more for electricity then he has to because a provider guarantees that all energy he is consuming is a GREEN energy. Whatever does it mean. 

Magic, I guess you will have such kind of a privilege pretty soon.

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IMO the hydro we have in the

IMO the hydro we have in the upper left coast is pretty green. There is only 1 coal fired plant in the state and it is converting to natural gas which is cleaner. 

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My marginal cost of

My marginal cost of electricity is about 10 cents/KWh.  That is for just the generation, and there are other costs for distribution, etc, but it is still pretty reasonable, and it has actually come down in recent years.  That is because we have a lot of fracking gas here in eastern Pennsylvania, which holds down the cost of all fuels (we have lots and lots of coal too, if you need it).  I am happy to say that we also have four nuclear plants within about 100 km of me.  That is green to me, if you want to save the planet.  It is not green if you want something to worry about.

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