New E@H results paper available on arXiv

A new paper describing the results of the O1MD1 Einstein@Home search is now available on the arXiv preprint server at . While no astrophysical signals were found, "Results from an Einstein@Home search for continuous gravitational waves from Cassiopeia A, Vela Jr. and G347.3" describes the search and sets upper limits on the amplitude of continuous gravitational waves from the three supernova remnants at an unprecedented level. of sensitivity. The paper will now be submitted to a journal for peer review and publication.      

The three targets were chosen based on the estimated age of and distance to supernova remnants, based on an optimisation procedure that we developed in the past years. While we can see those objects in X-rays, no associated pulsations in radio waves or any other part of the electromagnetic spectrum have been detected so far. This means that the spin frequency of these objects is unknown, and hence we have to search over a very broad range of frequencies and possible frequency evolutions. It is only with the help of the massive computing power provided by the volunteers of Einstein@Home that we were able to achieve these results.   

As our methods, computing power and the sensitivity of the detectors improve, we continue the hunt for continuous gravitational waves and we invite the E@H volunteers to continue to support us in this exciting science quest.

On behalf of M. Alessandra Papa for the Einstein@Home team