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How on Earth does a person get GPU work around here? 

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1. If you look

1. If you look at have you set "Use NVIDIA GPU: Yes" ?

Do not choose to use Intel GPU. Set "No" for it.

2. Have you chosen the app "Gamma-ray pulsar binary search #1 (GPU) " ? It is required.

Make sure that the 'Preference set' is the same as the 'location' of your computer (only you can see that 'location' in the host page ).


3. Reinstall Nvidia driver. Windows 10 might have installed a driver version that doesn't provide support for opencl crunching here.

You could download the 417.71 driver directly from Nvidia.

There's also a hot fix driver 417.75 available if you would prefer to install that one:,1.html

What ever version you'll be installing it is important to choose Custom install and "Clean install" while running the installer.

After installation reboot the computer. Then start Boinc and let's see what it says.

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