my own statistics

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I would like to do my own statistics.
Therefore I would like to download my valid tasks from the table I can access under "Tasks" in my account.
But I can not see any systematic scheme how the tasks are sorted.
And I can not sort them by myself to achive an order.

Is it possible to add the sort function to the table?
It would be enough to sort the first column in ascending or descending order.

OR could you please add a function to download the table so that I can sort and edit by myself.


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my own statistics

Veit hi

The task databases do not keep task information for very long, and there is no simple way to download or sort the data stored.

There is an boinc enhancement request here which might help in the future

However some of the information you might need about completed tasks are recorded in the job_log_.txt log files ( for E@H)

1457290054 ue 3113.786412 ct 466.243500 fe 280000000000000 nm p2030.20150911.G63.34-01.40.N.b0s0g0.00000_2640_0 et 5332.904089 es 0

  • first field - epoch time (s) ** ue - estimated time
    ct - CPU time **
    fe - FLOPS estimate
    nm - task name **
    et - elapsed time **
    es - exit status (always seems 0 -but i think it is there was some intent to trapping errored tasks)

** most useful fields

I have some awk scripts i run to summarize this, PM me if you are interested.

Edit: fields described here

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For other reasons I run the

For other reasons I run the application BoincTasks on my primary use PC, which lets me observe and to some degree control BOINC work on my other three home PCs.

One pretty nice feature of BOINCTasks is that the task list it maintains for each machine only expires after the time limit you set, unlike the online lists which expire when the WU is removed from the database as not useful.

Another nice feature is that you can select all or any part of the list to copy to your clipboard, and in my experience, once copied straight from the clipboard to a spreadsheet, the format makes most manipulations easy.

Since I have sung BoincTasks's praises, I should mention shortcomings: it crashes or hangs up on me, roughly once a week. Also if work gets returned too quickly after completion, it will sometimes miss it, so the task list is not necessarily entirely complete. Lastly, if try to abort a task on a remote PC, it does not work, and the program hangs up--I have to terminate and restart it.

As I don't know what use you intend for this data manipulation, I can't judge in detail how suitable you might find this program, nor what superior alternatives might be available to you.

If interested, the site is at:

Fred's BoincTasks page

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