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Multi Operation Maths - CPU,GPU Computation

Performing multiple 4,8,16,32 operations on a 64Bit integer core (The example)


All operations need to be by the same multiplication

Rolls usable to convert value for example Mul & Division

For example :

451 722 551 834 x 6 

In the case of non base factor roll numbers

We have to fraction the difference between the value and our base roll number,

10 for example and 6, So the maths is convoluted & may not be worth it,

Could do 6 + rolls & then -Rolls

On a 10 processor the first factor would be 10x because we could compensate by placement

But we still need space to expand the result to the right or left

0451072205510834 x 10 =


or 4510 roll -12
7220 roll -8
5510 roll -4
8340 no roll

Converting base 10 to & from hex may make sense

Depending on the cost of roll; This operation may be worth it!

This operation is in Base 10 & 8Bit makes more sense mostly for common operations in hex..

But 8 is not a very big number for larger maths & 16Bit makes more sense; Because it has a larger number.

Rupert S

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Performing numeric

Performing numeric expansion:
consoles in particular and FPU where expansion is required for emergence mathematics

Performing numeric expansion for circumstances where we require larger numbers for example:

To fill the 187 FPU buffer..

To do that we will roll to the left & expand the number, although we may need multiple operations..

Like i say : Roll + or Roll -

-Roll 3 = 1447
+Roll 3 = 1447000000

That way we can potentially exceed the Bit Depth 32Bit for example.

Rupert S

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