Multi-Directional Gravitational Wave search on O3 (GPU) crashes

Jesse Viviano
Jesse Viviano
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I noticed that all of the Multi-Directional Gravitational Wave search on O3 (GPU) tasks that were assigned to me on December 25, 2022 have resulted in computation errors. Looking into some of the work units, I noticed that all the other computers which worked on tasks for the same work unit also got computation errors for the same work units. Did we get a bad batch of work units? I feel like Krampus gave us a nasty Christmas present of bad work units.

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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Check this report plus the

Check this report plus the messages that follow (response from Oliver), right to the end of the thread.  It's affecting lots of people.

The announcement thread for new searches is always the best place to provide feedback and check for solutions.


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