A more informative Server Status Page

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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I'm guilty of not paying much attention to the front page of the website so I was quite suprised to see a number of links that have appeared at some stage.

I just had a look at the server status page - rather Setiesque I thought - but with a claim that amused the hell out of me!! :). A claim that Seti would be hard pressed to make .....

Einstein@Home server status as of 10:50 AM UTC on Friday, 30 September 2005 (updated every 30 minutes).

The Einstein@Home main server has been continuously up for 91 days 9 hours 27 minutes.

Way to go Einstein!!! :).


Tom Awtry
Tom Awtry
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A more informative Server Status Page

Should be more prominently displayed (several carriage returns from where it is presently is located), in Bold print (same size font) and centered, reading:

Continuously server operation for 91 days 9 hours 57 minutes

You guys are too modest, for subscribing to well planned Preventative Maintenance Routine!

Enough Said!

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