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Hey everybody, my question is fairly simple I think. My question is... do I need to stay connected to the internet for this to work?...I'm assuming I only need to be connected for the "wu" to be downloaded and the results uploaded, correct? I'm a CMV driver and would like to help out with this stuff, but I only have broad band connection at certain stops.

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Mobile computer here

No, you do not have to be connected 24/7. You only need to make sure to upload results before the report deadline. Else they will be reissued and other participants may turn in the results before you connect up, leaving you w/o credit.

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RE: I'm a CMV driver and

I'm a CMV driver and would like to help out with this stuff, but I only have broad band connection at certain stops.

Hi Ed T., welcome aboard.

If you check out your account page on the website you will find a link that allows you to view or edit your general preferences. Scroll down and under the heading of "Newtork usage" you will find a setting for how often your computer is connected to the internet. You should change the value to be at least equal to the maximum time you anticipate being without an internet connection. That way BOINC will be sure to keep enough work on hand to tide you over the longest anticipated "outage" when you are between stops. You wouldn't want to run out of work on a long haul, would you :).

You can add more than this if you wish by setting the "additional work" preference which follows. I'm assuming you are using a current version of BOINC which will be able to use this feature. The combination of the two will be the total amout of work that BOINC will cache for you. That way you wouldn't need to link up at every stop if you didn't want to. The deadline for work is 14 days so you would be pretty safe to store up work for at least a couple of days if you wanted to. Just remember that the total of how long you store a task plus how long it then takes to crunch it plus a bit of leeway in case you can't upload it immediately has to be less than 14 days.

We hope you enjoy your stay here and thanks for joining us.


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One other point: while the

One other point: while the host is disconnected you may want to disable BOINC’s network access from the Activity menu; that way it won’t waste time—or confuse itself—trying to contact the servers. Just remember to set it back to “according to preferences� (or “always on�) when you go online.

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