Many ARM64 compute nodes ready to join

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My company, Neocortix, operates a fleet of thousands of powerful 64-bit Arm compute nodes. We are one of the biggest contributors to the rosetta@home and LHC@home projects, and a few others.

We would like to contribute to your project, but would need a build of at least one of your apps on 64-bit ARM linux. We have a strong in-house ARM development team that could do the port for you. We would be happy to sign any required NDA, or other agreements.

Would someone please suggest what would be the best next steps for cooperating on this?



Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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Visit the about us page for

Visit the about us page for AEI Hannover and use the general email contact address published there to make contact with the staff.  Unfortunately, the volunteer forums are not regularly monitored by those you need to talk to.


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