Jodrell Bank closure Petition

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As you may know, yesterdays press, BBC, announced that Jodrell Bank radio telescope is under threat of closure next year, all for the lack of £2.5M (~$5M US).

A petition has been set up on the Prime Ministers site, could all UK citizen, including ex-pats and servicemen, go to and sign please.


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Jodrell Bank closure Petition


I think we should all sign this one too. ;)

Reveal The Truth About Extraterrestrial Visitation To Our Planet.

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I am not British and cannot

I am not British and cannot sign the petition, But I would advice my British friends to suggest that Jodrell Bank can help tracking foreign satellites and/or Near Earth Objects like only Arecibo and Goldstone can do today. Probably their Government cannot distinguish a radiotelescope from a planetary radar.

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