iGPU always on and GPU only when computer is idle

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Both the iGPU and GPU are crunching but when I select the option "suspend the GPU while the computer is in use", I want the iGPU still run while the GPU is stop. But both the 2 GPUs are stop.

I found this on the wiki:

If <non_gpu/> is specified, the coprocessor is not treated as a GPU; i.e. "Suspend GPU" does not affect it. This mechanism has two purposes: to provide fine-grained control of the coprocessors recognized by BOINC (NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel GPUs), and to let you use coprocessors not :recognized by BOINC. Requires a client restart.

So I create a cc_config.xml and use the <non_gpu> for the intel gpu, but it doesn't crunch anymore, I have this message:

23/12/2016 17:42:30 |  | INTEL GPU info taken from cc_config.xml

23/12/2016 17:42:30 |  | App version needs OpenCL but GPU doesn't support it

23/12/2016 17:42:30 | Einstein@Home | Application uses missing intel_gpu GPU

23/12/2016 17:42:30 | Einstein@Home | Missing coprocessor for task p2030.20160213.G185.93-01.61.C.b1s0g0.00000_3119_1

23/12/2016 17:42:30 | Einstein@Home | Missing coprocessor for task p2030.20160213.G185.93-01.61.C.b1s0g0.00000_1121_0

Boinc download the task but it automaticaly fails. It seems they don't have the right application.

I don't know how to solve the problem, even if it's possible what i'm trying to do. If anybody can help me, it will be great, i'm stuck. Cry


edit: content of the cc_config.xml

<cc_config>    <options>

  <name>Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600</name>



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Not 100% sure but I don't

Not 100% sure but I don't think that kind of fine grained control is possible.
You could try asking about it over on the Boinc Message Boards.

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