i am new at everything?

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I downloaded the program and setup two accounts einstian and seti, but i am new to everything, anyone know where i should go or can explain this whole project or jects to me? I don't get anything..

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i am new at everything?

Click on the word manual in my signature and you will get all the documentation you will need.

Then you're really interested in a subject, there is no way to avoid it. You have to read the Manual.

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Welcome nowshining, Good to

Welcome nowshining,
Good to have you onboard...The Boinc Wiki(http://boinc-doc.net/boinc-wiki/index.php)is a good place...the message boards is even better...alot more dynamic.

You will find alot of really smart people here...I'm always in awe of there knowledge and wisdom. (I'm sure there is going to be some kind of comment about this statment.) None the less these people are great.

Welcome agine,


Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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RE: I downloaded the

I downloaded the program and setup two accounts einstian and seti....

You have an account on Einstein@home (EAH), but you don't seem to have one on Seti. At least the user name "nowshining" is not recognised there.

On EAH, you have no computers registered. You have created your account on the website here but have you actually installed BOINC? You said you downloaded but you didn't actually mention installing it?


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