How To See Spacetime Stretch - LIGO | Video

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How To See Spacetime Stretch - LIGO | Video

NOTE: Video is 7m:39s LONG

When two stars collide, or a massive star blows up, the fabric of the universe warps and springs back sending gravitational waves across the cosmos. So Einstein predicted. The wave motion would be very tiny. But to watch it, scientists must build a very large instruments, like the 4km long Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO).

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How To See Spacetime Stretch - LIGO | Video

On the subject of LIGO, there's a very interesting feature article on the current LIGO detectors in today's edition (cover date 12 April 2014) of the UK popular science magazine New Scientist.

Sorry - that link only takes you to a preview of the article's introduction: the rest of the text is available to subscribers only or by purchasing the printed magazine. It's pretty widely available in bigger newspaper shops in the UK.

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Very interesting. Thanks for

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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