How to get started receiving data?

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This is all so new compoared to the seti@home. I see my account stats but no where to actually tell the system to give me info upon which to work. How does one start a workload?

Gary Roberts
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How to get started receiving data?

I'm a little puzzled by your question. If you are already attached to Seti and getting work there, and you have an account set up with Einstein, all you would need to do is open BOINC Manager and make sure that Einstein is allowed to fetch work. The downloading of programs, data files and tasks to crunch will all happen automatically. The two things most likely to prevent this automatic behaviour would be, (1) you suspended the project in BOINC Manager, or (2) you set 'no new tasks' for E@H in BOINC Manager.

I've just taken a look at your E@H account. It seems you registered back on 29 Dec 2005 with a Pentium 4 3.00GHz computer which last made contact with E@H on 30 Dec 2005. I suspect that you may now have a different computer which will have no record of your earlier registration with E@H. If this is so, it would explain why you could be registered and working at Seti but not able to see how to contact Einstein. In that case, on your new computer you will need to attach to the E@H project so that your new computer is also registered with the project. If you are using the simple view in BOINC Manager there is the 'Add Project' button to click. If you are using the advanced view, you will find the 'Attach to project ...' entry on the 'Tools' menu. Both of these will lead to a procedure for attaching your computer to E@H.

If you are still using your original computer, it might be that your original installation has been removed, eg, you may have wiped your disk and reinstalled the OS. If you haven't done something like that, it may well be possible to find (or recreate) your original registration. Give us some more details and let us know what you want to do.


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