How can I report finished tasks manually?

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One of my machines (ID = 11659637) has temporarily no internet connection. Is it possible to report completed tasks to E@H servers another way? I could copy files to a USB device and send them from another machine. But what are the necessary files? And which address send them to?


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How can I report finished tasks manually?

It is possible to use another machine to report completed tasks, at least if it's running the same type of OS, ie Windows or Linux etc. If the other machine is already running Boinc then you need to shut it down and back up Boinc's data directory, else you will loose all tasks on the machine.

On the machine that is without internet connection, open Boinc and on the projects tab select Einstein@home then click on "No new tasks" and in the "Activity menu" select "Suspend" to stop all running tasks, then shut down Boinc. Since you're running Windows open a file explorer window and navigate to C:\ProgramData\ this is a hidden folder so either set explorer to show hidden folders or just type it in the address bar and hit enter. You should see a folder that's named Boinc, this is the data directory/folder, copy it and everything in it to a USB drive.
If you can't find the folder then start Boinc again and open the "Event log", Tools -> Event log or Ctrl+Shift+E, the path to the data directory is displayed in the start up messages, shut down Boinc again and copy that folder and all of it contents.

On the machine that's going to do the reporting:
If it's already running Boinc then shut it down and back up the data directory.
Then overwrite it with the one from the other machine.
Start Boinc and on the "Projects" tab click on Einstein@home and then on the "Update" button, this will report all finished tasks. Then shut down Boinc and copy the data directory back to the machine without internet connection. Once done then start Boinc and in the "Activity" menu select "Run based on preferences" and on the "Projects" tab click on Einstein@home and then on "Allow new tasks".
Don't forget to restore the backup on the machine the did the reporting so that it can continue to process it's tasks.

If the machine that's going to report the finished tasks doesn't have Boinc installed then copy the data directory to the disk, where is up to you. Then install Boinc and on the third (I think) screen select "Advanced" and point the installer to where you put the data directory. Once installed start Boinc and follow on from the same in the last paragraph.

If you skip transferring the data directory back to the machine without internet connection you will get duplicate host records and weird messages in the log once internet connection is available again.

Hope that made sense and if anythings unclear then feel free to ask! =)

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