High-Speed Linux-BRP-App for Raspberry Pi 3

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bowguy wrote: I would love

bowguy wrote:

I would love the link to the source. Try it out with a locked down card (1CPU) and/or swapfile just for fun.

The Gamma-Ray is closed source, so I can't give you a link to it. I had to confirm that I do not pass any informations to others. I could ask if it is okay that I share my binary's with you.

But the GW-Search is open source. You could try to compile it for ARM. I had the old GW-Search(O1Spot1) running for quite some time. The new one (O1OD1) seem's to performe reasonable, as long as you only run one job at a time! Running multiple concurrent task, decreases performance a lot. Only processing one job, on one core is faster than processing 2 concurrent task on 2 cores. Not shure why that happens but as a play around on the PI it should be fine. Due to the RAM limitations you could only run 1 task anyway.

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Didn't get the GW-search

Didn't get the GW-search compiled.  Too far down a rabbit hole.  May try later.  I did get several pi3b's running 64 bit Debian buster.  They are running the odriod-c2 app.  Faster than the stock app.

Just for fun, I compiled from source the BRP app on piZero.  Working fine but slow.  Thanks for the help

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