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jonathan white
jonathan white
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I belong to an Astronomy society and am going to give a talk abouut A@Home.
is there any visual aids apart from taking my computer and running it through an RGB Projector .a site with PDF`S to download,and fillm clips animations of the screensaver ?
Any sugestions.
Regards Jon

Benjamin Knispel
Benjamin Knispel
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Help needed

Dear Jon,

several of us from the Einstein@Home science team have given talks about the project to similar audiences. Thank you for spreading the word about our project to your fellow astronomers!

We can make a video of the screen saver available, if you would like that. Just send me a private message with your email address or send me an email (contact information on this webpage).

What kind of pdfs are you looking for? Information documents about the project?



Einstein@Home Project

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