GPU times representative?

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On this computer 5419207 I would like to know if GPU calc times are representative of the GTX465. I have Einstein set to 3 simultaneous GPU tasks. Boinc manager shows 3 running.

On another project SETI there's a thread implying two simultaneous tasks maximum on a GTX465. If generally true I should not be using three on Einstein. But, not the same circumstances here.

Can someone say 1) are my times OK and 2) is 3 E@H tasks OK on a 465?

PS I list PC link vice task links on purpose since times vary by at least a factor of 2.
Thanks Art

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GPU times representative?

There is no general advice about how much WUs will be better...

In Einstein as the BRP tasks are very similar in their crunching times, the best way to find the right number for your specific system is to test it by yourself.

Just look for the average time of several BRP valids tasks that were crunched at 3 at a time, and divide that average by 3, then change your settings to 2 and look for the new average and divide it by 2, the best option will be the one that gives you the small number. (You can try also with only 1 at time, but with Fermi cards, ussually running 2 is almost always better than running 1)

Another thing to take in acount is that the BRP app is an hybrid app that uses both GPU and CPU so your times can be different from others with a GTX465 depending on the model and speed of the CPU and several other things (OS, Drivers, available memory, other apps running on your system, etc...)

Also, reserving (or not) some CPU cores to feed the GPUs can give you big difference in the crunching times of them... Reserving at least one core is ussually a good idea, specially when running several GPU tasks, but again, it's just a general recomendation and not an absolut rule.

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