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I’m new to this project, but, not to distributed computing. I have been running ClimatePreditction and Seti (only on my GPU) for more than 10 years. Now that Seti is closing up shop I am looking for a new project that I can run on my GPU. I attached to Einstein@home and downloaded 2 Wu’s. One ran on my GPU (with an assist from 1 CPU). The other ran only of the CPU. How do I tweak the settings to get only GPU work?  

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Welcome to Einstein.  Thank

Welcome to Einstein.  Thank you for contributing resources here.

As you are posting here, I assume you can log in at Einstein.

First you need to establish what location (aka venue) is assigned to the machine you wish to control.

Go to:

Account|Dashboard|click on the name of the machine of interest

Near the page bottom, observe the content of the location scroll box/

Then you need to adjust preferences:

Go to:


Now adjust the scroll box at the top of the page to specify the location of your machine of interest (generic, home, school, work).

Then make your desired selections to enable or disable getting work for CPU, or any of three flavors of GPU.

I advise you further to make a single selection in the "applications" section, as mixing applications causes some scheduling and performance problems here.

To assure your preferences are more likely to be honored, disable the "allow non-preferred apps" setting.

If your first try gets zero work, try another.

This is probably already much too long, so just ask for more detail where you wish it.

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