Gamma-ray pulsar : big units of high priority to crunch !

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Some weeks ago you published a note about the possible relatively large size of CasA (Gravitational Waves S6) units, but currently I haven't received such units.

However, I have received some very big Gamma-ray pulsar units : 261 hours for a single unit to process, over 10 days ! (where usually units need between 0.5-15 hr to be crunched on my system).
In addition, the priority has been set to high.

Question : is there an advantage to process such large units or it is simply more easy to manage for scientists ?
And why are the new Gamma-ray pulsars units set with a higher priority (due to their large size ?) ?

PS. Working this way has no (not yet) negative impact on my system, so my question is for the simple curiosity.

Thanks in advance

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Gamma-ray pulsar : big units of high priority to crunch !

This is beta-test work, discussed in a couple of other threads.

The first batch of work distributed showed inaccurately short completion time estimates on most user's PCs, and there were some real problems of undesired termination (and thus wasted computing effort) associated with them.

The most recent batches seem to generate completion times estimates on many PCs far higher than will really be required. Most likely your job will not take nearly the time you mentioned in your post.

As to High Priority--this was not a decision by the project, directly, but by software on your PC. It is the result of the combination of the very short deadline employed for beta test work (48 hours, last time I checked on these) with the very long execution time estimate. Your system concluded the job was in danger of failing to meet deadline and decided to process it sooner than other jobs not so threatened. That is all that "High Priority" means in this context.

The new FGRP4 work has been distributed in at least three distinct sizes.

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