Folding at Home is open?

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Folding at Home is open?

Hello mmciastro,

please remove the link from your post, as the folks at FAH want to have it as a closed beta for now.

I have to admit, I got my account through such an post-blunder as well, but it's nothing they like over there.

BTW: it's really, really beta, more close to alpha than to public imho.

From a pm of an admin (Bruce) to me, after I smuggled myself in there:

The beta test was supposedly by invitation only. I don't know who got the letter asking them to be a part of the beta but they were not supposed to post the URL until the beta test is completed. Please contact the person who published it and ask to have it removed.

If you're prepared for a true beta test, where things don't work like you expect them to, I'll add you to the list without the prior authorization. If not, I recommend you switch back to other BOINC projects or download the standard FAH client from our website.

Grüße vom Sänger

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