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I think they used liquid

I think they used liquid nitrogen ... but only ran for a few minutes when they ran out of coolant ...

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Here it [url=5 GHz Project: CPU Cooling With Liquid Nitrogen]is[/url], and it was liquid nitrogen.

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RE: RE: there is a

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there is a different system of awarding credit being planned which wont have these huge variations

Glad to hear it.
I may adjust my schedule after I gather some more data. I would not mind grabbing all the credit I could after all it is being shared by the quorum. But I figure enough people think I am crazy just putting my monster up as single purpose E@H cruncher. I do not want them to think I am greedy too.

There is a new beta of a non-superbench client.

You might want to check it out as it may be a better match without having to switch clients. It falls between the stock client and the superbench. I haven't tested it enough with Einstein to know how it really matches up though.

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