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Installed my first 2080 Ti in a Win7 rig so it'd do the Injection run. At first I had 1.0C/0.5G and opened GPU-z to watch GPU Load which only got up to 52%. Then ran 4 WUs with 1.0C/0.25G and it went up to 91%. Maybe I'll try five.

I was expecting blinding speed but it feels like the 2080 Ti is wider and not that much faster.

Any advice for how to get the most out a 2080 Ti ??? TIA

Thomas Bemelman
Thomas Bemelman
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honestly you could probably

honestly you could probably get away with 0.2C/0.2G, my 1080 does 0.5C/0.5G and doesn't slow down at all using 1 core compared to half a core, the CPU core there is just to support the GPU so you could use the other cores to do CPU only tasks instead of using 1 core to support .25/.2 of a GPU

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I sometime run some GPU-WUs

I sometime run some GPU-WUs on gtx 780ti 3GB without running CPU-WUs.

With WUs of just under 800MB of VRAM per WU, I can run 3 WUs simultaneously while win10 takes around 300MB of VRAM (0.25C / 0.33G). CPU load is low since only GPU crunches WUs. I wouldn't recommend going higher than your VRAM (lol 11GB). Here, doing so slows all things down with compute errors.


Edit: Sometimes your averige time per WU can improve going from 1 WU to 2 WU, sometimes a little bit more improvement going from 2 WU to 3 WU. Beyond that it doesn't matter much on a lot of systems. I don't know if a 2080ti would do much better beyond 3 WUs simultaneously. My guess would be it wouldn't, just try.


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