Fighting my ATI

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I think I messed up cos it is years since I ran this.

Rolled back to Mint 17.2 (fresh install)

Installed fglrx amdccle-updates using the software manager


Installed Boinc with open cl support from software manager

Run boinc and card seen but no work available so clearly libs or open cl is not right.

It used to be that ia32libs was needed but what about these days???

rig= E5-2650 + Ati 7950

Need pointers or links to get going on this please

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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First of all, the Cafe is not

First of all, the Cafe is not a good place to post questions of a technical nature.  You will be much more likely to get responses if you post in Crunchers Corner for example.  If you like, I can shift the thread there with your permission.

fglrx is deprecated these days.  To use that old driver you need to be using an old version of xorg - I use 1.17.4.  If you happen to be using 1.18.x, fglrx will not be compatible.  Is your OS 32bit or 64bit?

I have a HD7950 working very nicely with fglrx.  The distro I use dates back to May 2014.  If you are prepared to run an old distro and can get the packages you need for OpenCL you should be OK.  I know nothing about Mint or Ubuntu (never used them) so can't help you on that score.

I think your best bet would be to go to the Mint forums and ask specific questions there about what driver to use to get OpenCL compute capability, particularly if going back to an older version where fglrx works out of the box is not an option.  I don't know anything about Mint 17.2 but if it is old enough to use fglrx, perhaps you are just missing the OpenCL libs?

I just decided to look at your computers list.  The last contact log for your machine with the tahiti GPU (far RH column) contains the line,

2017-05-06 20:56:36.3959 [PID=457 ] [version] ATI device (or driver) doesn't support OpenCL

which implies that the driver is OK and that you are missing the OpenCL libs.  Just find that package and install it.  The above message is what you get if you don't have the libs correctly installed.



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Thanks for your reply, please

Thanks for your reply, please move it where you want.

Your explanation makes a lot of sense. I should have spotted that entry but probably too tired to be thinking straight.

This is 64bit here and as I said I recall having to add libs before. I'll try the Mint forum to see what is said


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OK so just to clarify when

OK so just to clarify when using linux mint 17.2 from the software manager get:




gcc-4.8 (which seems to install the needed libs)





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Hello Oldchap,I am running

Hello Oldchap,

I am running ubuntu 16.10 with an ATI/Radeon 7750.

The answer to your question depends on whisch version of ATI you have.

1- If you have the R-series, AMD has a new driver that will run OpenCL

2- If you have a slightly older ATI there is a PPA that will help.


I am **assuming** that Linux Mint will use thae same fix as ubuntu.


See also:

This is about using mesa insteda of fglrx to get the opencl drivers.


Good Configuring!!



edit:fix typo


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