error of S5R3 V414 (process got signal 11)

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2007年10月27日 星期六 17时58分00秒|Einstein@Home|Unrecoverable error for result h1_0412.85_S5R2__90_S5R3a_1 (process got signal 11)

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error of S5R3 V414 (process got signal 11)

I guess you're talking about this result.

That machine seems to have been having trouble for a while, but since changing to the beta app (only one result reported back though) the error changed from 193 to Signal 11.

Did you downgrade the core client as well? This result's showing 5.2.14 and your older results on the machine are showing 5.4.9. What about trying to upgrade to 5.10.21? It's now the stable version from Berkeley.

And can you give some more information on the set up of your machine? Does it run stable on other BOINC projects? Does it pass MemTest or something like cpuburn?

I'll put a link to this thread in the 4.14 beta app thread.

Kathryn :o)

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I just got two signal 11

I just got two signal 11 errors with the 4.14 beta app. They failed about 10 minutes after powering up the machine, with two Einstein tasks running on my hyperthreaded cpu. I have had the computer shut down due to overheat a couple of times with two Einstein tasks running, so I think they push the machine a little bit. There is no sign of internet activity, which I suspected when I had failures with 4.02 a couple of weeks ago.

I intend to make sure they run one at a time from now on. However, if there's a way I can capture more debug info for you, I could deliberately try to crash some more.

Task id:
88312975 35280814 3 Nov 2007 21:37:55 UTC 4 Nov 2007 13:43:02 UTC Over Client error Compute error 3,355.63 13.97 ---
88232671 35245691 1 Nov 2007 4:01:00 UTC 4 Nov 2007 13:43:02 UTC Over Client error Compute error 62,724.88 211.96 ---

Oops, I forgot to save the messages. I will go find them later if needed.

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Everybody who has experienced

Everybody who has experienced "signal 11" problems should consider trying out the new 4.16 Linux beta app, downloadable from here.

A discussion thread for this beta app is found here. Your feedback is most welcome in any case (both "I still get those errors" and "the problem went away with the new app" are very valuable pieces of information).


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Since i don't have installed

Since i don't have installed the 4.16 beta, i post the URL of my three consecutive errors 11...

I dunno if it helps.

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