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Oliver Behnke
Oliver Behnke
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You may have noticed that our project(s) as well as the website(s) were down today between 15:00 and 19:30 UTC. We had to shutdown everything on very short notice (10 minutes!) after the university's two main power lines got damaged during construction work.

Everything should be back to normal now and we don't expect any further related outages.


Thanks for your patience,



Einstein@Home Project

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When I try to access my

When I try to access my account stats, I get a page not found.

[URL removed, CB]

Sorry, the website einstein.phys.uwm.eduaccountcannot be found


Barry Schnur

Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts
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BarryAZ wrote: Sorry, the

BarryAZ wrote:

Sorry, the website einstein.phys.uwm.eduaccountcannot be found

Hi Barry,

The place to report this would be the website problems sticky thread at the top of the "Problems and Bug Reports" board.  There were similar reports (missing '/' in a URL) starting with this message.  If you read on from that point, the problem should perhaps be resolved now.  If not, you should post a further report there.



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