Einstein@Home volunteers discover three new radio pulsars in Arecibo data

Einstein@Home volunteers have discovered three new radio pulsars (J1901+0510, J1858+0319, and J1857+0259) in Arecibo PALFA data! Congratulations to:

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John A. Lorimer Jr. (USA)
* Ugur Munir Kir, Guzel Sanatlar Saatchi & Saatchi (Turkey)
* Philipp Kählitz (Germany)
* Termit (Russia)
* Philemon1752 (Switzerland)
* edgen (Russia)
Further details about these and our other newly-discovered pulsars can be found on this web page, and will be published in due course.

Bruce Allen
Director, Einstein@Home


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Einstein@Home volunteers discover three new radio pulsars in Are

good job!

To The Stars Thru Faith

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It is nice and astonishing,

It is nice and astonishing, that we found and hopefully will find so many pulsars in the radiospektrum, - I believe meanwhile more than 30 at all, - but not a single one in the x-ray spectrum by the FGRP1 application and this is near end - more than 90% done -. But it was said, that ATLAS found 9 of them out of LAT data by in principal the same algorithm. Is this a question of missing manpower to analyse further the data we compressed, or a question of the primary data, the direction the satelite was looking at for example?

Kind regards

Bernd Machenschalk
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The protocol for publishing

The protocol for publishing results of the Einstein@Home FGRP search is still under discussion by the Fermi collaboration. Until this has been settled, we can't talk about any such results.