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Bernd Machenschalk
Bernd Machenschalk
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It's now time to announce Albert@Home as the official test project of the Einstein@home team.

If you think about joining, please mark the warnings on the front page, take these seriously, and think carefully about whether it's worth for you. We certainly need your help there, but as this is an Alpha-Test project. Anything may go wrong at any time, in particular with credit. If you do care much about stability, reliability, credit, Albert@Home is certainly not made for you.

If, however, you want to peek at what Einstein@home is up to in the foreseeable future, love to be on the bleeding edge, drive development and help Einstein@Home to remain as reliable as you know it, you are very welcome to join Albert@Home.

The user database is an old copy of that on Einstein@Home. If you have been registered to Einstein@Home in 2008 your email address and password should still work on Albert (as should your "authenticator" / "account key", but not your "weak account key").

Currently we are testing mainly OpenCL code there (server, client & application). Workunit production (currently BRP4 only) is pretty limited, we may adjust to the demand, but possibly slowly.



joe areeda
joe areeda
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Einstein@Home test project

I'd like to help but I'm not sure what's best. These cpu/gpu secs will be coming from E@H since that's the only project I'm running.

I can do:

  • Virtual machine running Ubuntu or CentOS with one or two I7 2600K cores allocated and 3GB RAM

  • Just add A@H to that system as a project it has an nVidia GTX 560,

  • I could also do either on a AMD Phenom II system with the chipset CAL ATI Radeon HD 2300/2400/3200 (RV610) (622MB) GPU but I'm not sure that is compatible with Open CL, it certainly is not very powerful

I guess my question Bernd is what are your testing priorities and what are the chances of it impacting E@H projects? I'm willing to run something pretty flaky in a separate VM and if your OpenCL code can use multiple processors as well as GPUs it can have 2 cores (unless Ubuntu gives it 2 hyperthreads on the same core I don't know how to control that).


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I have 2 Binary Radio Pulsar

I have 2 Binary Radio Pulsar Search running on my CPU, no GPU. The one running in Einstein@home runs normally, the one in Albert@home runs in high priority although it has a later deadline.

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