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I'm sure has posted on this but I thought perhaps a fresh post may inspire a fix or shown more easily if it is there. I have quite recently--3 days ago--returned to Seti and Einstein at home. And, I know this may be trivial, but I can't seem to locate the screensaver for einstein@home, the celestial sphere. I thought when I installed the project it would automatically load, but when my screensaver turns on, but alas, I was wrong. All I get is the BIONIC basic screensaver. I have a Mac. Are there additional settings I need change to enable it? please help me. thank you.


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Hi, welcome to the

Hi, welcome to the project!

That famous starsphere screensaver is currently not available, it seems. Maybe it is under revision, because recently somebody reported it displays weird fonts. However, the real discoveries the project is constantly involved in are more impressive than any screensaver, aren't they. So I don't really miss it now.

Your question though is better placed in the help desk section of this forum, however I don't know how to move it there. Anyway, good luck with your crunching for this project! :-)

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