Einstein@Home in latest LIGO Magazine

The new LIGO magazine is out and it features an article about Einstein@Home. You read a pdf file of the article here. The article was written by M. Alessandra Papa, Benjamin Knispel, Holger Pletsch and Bernd Machenschalk from the Einstein@Home team, looking at the project's history, infrastructure, and different searches.

Do have a look at this and the earlier issues of the LIGO Magazine to learn more about the LIGO gravitational detectors.

Benjamin Knispel, project scientist


Bernd Machenschalk
Bernd Machenschalk
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Einstein@Home in latest LIGO Magazine

There's also an article about LISA Pathfinder in that issue.



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Very interesting and

Very interesting and enjoyable readings, even for someone like me with only a very faint understanding of the whole scientific aspects. Lots of dreaming for decades, though!

Thank you for pointing it out; also, afaic, for the reminder of these other sites, as I forgot to look there for quite a long time now!

Mike Hewson
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Great article on E@H ! This

Great article on E@H ! This multi-mode stuff is cool .... :-)

Cheers, Mike.

I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter. Blaise Pascal

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Thank you Benjamin and

Thank you Benjamin and Bernd

Nice reading to go along with doing what we do here 24/7 for over a decade now.


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thanks for posting that...

thanks for posting that... "for a 100-Hz pulsar a single photon is registered every 3,000,000 rotations!"

Truly amazing that so much science can be lifted from so few clues.

Sebastian M. Bobrecki
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According to what has been

According to what has been written in LIGO magazine, during upgrade to AdvancedLIGO, GEO600 continued his observations. Will data from the GEO600 be analyzed, or perhaps have already been analyzed?

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Very interesting article. We

Very interesting article.
We wanted to get more people in Russia who are not fluent in English, read this article.
Now there is a Russian translation.

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Great idea! I'll show this

Great idea! I'll show this article to my friends who doesn't speak english, but like to to listen my tales about this. May be this would help me to occupy their computers ;)

Benjamin Knispel
Benjamin Knispel
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This is great! Many thanks

This is great! Many thanks for the Russian translation of our article. I have just spread the word via our Einstein@Home Twitter account.



Einstein@Home Project

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A recent BBC World Service

A recent BBC World Service documentary visited LIGO, theres a Podcast and a bunch of photos (but alas nothing about this project).