EAH/SAH Question

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I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong forum, I'm running E@H and S@H, I'm using an iMac G5,1.6GHz,768MB of RAM. Can someone tell me how I can run S@H exclusively from the command line, while running E@H using the BOINC manager? I find switching between projects to be painfully slow in WU completion. I'm not
very computer savy, not sure if this G5 which has a single core processor can emulate a double core processor or not. I'm sorry if this is an "EAH/SAH for Dummy's" sort of question. :-)

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EAH/SAH Question

In short: you can't.

But why not set up your preferences for Seti and/or for Einstein so the switch between applications time is something you like? Coupled to the resource share (set here for Seti and here for Einstein) you can set it as you want.

Set a switch time of 12 hours (that's 720 minutes) and the resource share for Seti to 1000, while Einstein gets a much lower resource share; say 1.

Save the changes to the website(s), open Boinc Manager, select the projects per time and hit the Update button.

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Switching between projects is

Switching between projects is on a one hour timer. You do not want it to be faster than that. If you did do real time tasking all it would do is slow things down a lot.

So, BOINC runs one project, then changes to another. Over time, it will give time to the projects based on the resource shares. If you left them at the default 100, then ahlf the time is for SETI@Home and half will be for Einstein@Home.

WOrk units for Einstein@Home are likely to take 5-7 hours on your machine (at a guess) with a few running faster and some running even slower. There was a recent change to a newer application (Albert) that will have more variation in run times than the older Einstein application.

The good news is that the EAH application is optimized to run on the G5 so we will beat the windows machines on a Macintosh (probably should not gloat, i have both types of machine).

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