E = mc2 - auf 0,00004 Prozent genau

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its a german Story


so use Babbelfish for translation

Greetings from Germany NRW

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E = mc2 - auf 0,00004 Prozent genau

The same story but in English:

Einstein Was Right (Again): NIST and MIT Confirm that E= mc2

In experiments described in the Dec. 22, 2005, issue of Nature, the researchers added to a catalog of confirmations that matter and energy are related in a precise way. Specifically, energy (E) equals mass (m) times the square of the speed of light (c2), a prediction of Einstein’s theory of special relativity. By comparing NIST measurements of energy emitted by silicon and sulfur atoms and MIT measurements of the mass of the same atoms, the scientists found that E differs from mc2 by at most 0.0000004, or four-tenths of 1 part in 1 million. This result is “consistent with equality� and is 55 times more accurate than the previous best direct test of Einstein’s formula, according to the paper.

Greetings from Belgium

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