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RE: 1. Do I remove my

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1. Do I remove my "old" SETI program from the computer now or wait until the 16th??

It's very much a personal choice but if it were me making the decision, then yes, I would shut down classic Seti. The main reason is that they have already stated over at the Seti website that further work from classic is basically being ignored and will make zero contribution to science. Unless you need to reclaim the disk space, I'd leave all the files in place just for the moment. Just make sure that classic seti isn't running at the same time as BOINC or else BOINC will make very little progress. (Remove classic from your startup folder).

From your BOINC Manager window, can you select the "work" tab and tell us the CPU time and progress percentage of the current result?

2. Does the Einstein graphic (screensaver) auto kick in when Einstein is running??? If yes, it isn't. What do I have to do to make that happen???

When you installed BOINC you would have been asked if BOINC was to be your default screensaver. Did you leave that checked? Did you actually use a screensaver before or did you perhaps set windows to blank the screen? What happens now?? Does the screen stay on at all times, does it go blank, or does it display something else??

3. Will SETI screensaver kick in auto(after the 15th) when IT is running? If not, what do I have to do???

Firstly, you will need to attach to the new Seti that runs on BOINC since the old classic Seti is a totally separate thing. Your classic account has been transferred to BOINC and you will need to login over there at Seti to see if everything is all in place. Have you tried logging in to the new Seti website yet? There are instructions on the front page designed to help previous classic users. I believe you will need your classic credentials.

Once you verify your account over at Seti and if you need further help, you could get it from the help desk at Seti or you could come back here and we'll talk you through what you need to do to get the BOINC version of Seti running.

Don't you just love all the questions. Thanks again, Marianne

Don't you just love all the ones in return? :). It's hard to give useful advice when you don't really know (and therefore have to guess) all of the variables that the user can see but the helper can't :). So I hope some of this makes sense to you. Anyway, good luck!!


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