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Tom M
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Has anyone been able to find a cloud instance that has a completive cost/production to owning your own metal and paying electricity/air conditioning?

After all. It would let your house be cooler and lower the house electrical bill ;)

Tom M

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Google Colab? I don't know

Google Colab? I don't know how this work anyway

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I think you may be surprised

I think you may be surprised at the monthly expense, but here are a few things for you to look into for yourself.



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Ian&Steve C.
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there are no cloud options

there are no cloud options that will be on par with, or better than paying the electric yourself. they all charge orders of magnitude more per hour/time than it would cost in electric to run yourself.

most of their business models are based around short term rentals. where it's no big deal to drop a couple hundred (or thousand) bucks to run a one-time computation or simulation, where it would cost many many times more to buy all the same hardware to run it themselves.


for long term crunching, it makes a lot more sense to buy your own hardware and just run it yourself. if your systems are making too much heat, move them to a different room? or run the AC. or move them to a shed outside.


you MIGHT find it worth it to run it on colocation, where you move your own hardware to a datacenter, but they might force you into rates based on standard rack U's (meaning you need a server chassis), and the monthly fees would likely only be worth it if you have crazy high electric rates. you'd still be on the hook for buying your own hardware though, and managing it yourself remotely unless they give you site access.


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