Die Interferometer im Spiegel-Online

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Supercomputer zeigt erstmals Gravitationswellen vom 19. April 2006

(Popular german magazine reports about gravity waves and mentions the interferometers)

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Die Interferometer im Spiegel-Online

Thanks a lot Annas!

Der Spiegel is the German equivalent of Time or Newsweek in the U.S.

The name of the article is: Black Holes, Supercomputer shows gravitational waves for the first time.

some excerpts :

It is the most powerful outpouring of energy in the universe: the merging of two black holes which with their gravitational waves cause all of space to tremble. NASA investigators have now shown this in an animation after they reconciled their supercomputers with the predictions of Albert Einstein.


In real applications Einsteins predictions concerning gravitational waves are to be tested in large projects:

- In Hannover, Tokio and Pisa as well as in the US state of Washington and Louisiana physicists are using reflected laser beams to measure the tiniest vibrations in the gravitational field of the earth. General terrestrial vibrations caused by auto traffic, airplanes or earth quakes must laborious be removed from the calculations.

Most of the information contained herein has been listed in other threads in this message board.

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