Cuda units?

Miklos M.
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Not able to get any cuda work units lately and ran out. Is anyone finding this too?

Bikeman (Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein)
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Cuda units?


No, I'm getting plenty of them and as indicates, there are still enough of them left for others as well.

The logs indicate that at least with the most recent request, your PC wasn't even asking for more GPU units. I would reboot, restart BOINC and check that BOINC is still detecting your Gfx card as CUDA capable (something like this

04.02.2012 00:49:30 |  | NVIDIA GPU 0: GeForce GT 330M (driver version 28562, CUDA version 4010, compute capability 1.2, 1024MB, 121 GFLOPS peak)

should appear in the "Messages" dialog of your BOINC manager GUI (with different specs, but you get the idea).


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