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Hi, I have crunched WCG and Moo! in the past and both of them updated my credits through the same cross-project BOINC id and also on BOINCstats. 

But when I crunched on E@H, I still used the same Gmail with the above projects, but E@H doesn't use the same cross-project id. As a result, my credits on BOINCstats got seperated into 2 different users !

Please help because I don't want any of my credits wasted:(

Thanks y'all <3

Keith Myers
Keith Myers
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This is what is known a split

This is what is known a split CPID. Read this: CPID

Here is a guide for fixing a split CPID. The Definitive Guide to Fixing a Split CPID - Gridcoin's and BOINC's #1 User Issue

The usual cause is not using the same email address across all projects.

Also, BOINC will always sync to the oldest historically attached project when adding new projects.

First try updating the project through the Manager to attempt to sync the CPID to the desired one.

If that fails you can brute force the CPID in the client_state.xml file by editing the <external_cpid></external_cpid> tag and saving the file.

You must edit the file only when the client is not running.



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