Could Weirdly Straight Bolts of Lightning Be a Sign of Dark Matter?

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For decades, astronomers and physicists have been flummoxed by the mystery of dark matter, spending billions of dollars on sophisticated detectors to search for the elusive particles believed to account for some 85 percent of the matter in the universe. So far, those searches have come up empty. Now a team of scientists has proposed a very different strategy for searching for signs of dark matter, not by means of particle physics laboratories, but by examining the air above us. If we carefully study the flashes seen in ordinary lightning storms, they argue, we just might find evidence of super-dense chunks of dark matter as they zip through our atmosphere. They believe that these speeding chunks of dark matter, known as “macros,” would trigger perfectly straight lightning bolts, which have never been documented.
Sign of Dark Matter?

It would be cheaper than upgrading the LHC.

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On October 28 a Darkmatter

On October 28 a Darkmatter Day was held at the Laboratorio Nazionale del Gran Sasso, Italy, under 1400 meters of rock. Scientists illustrated the four main experiments searching for dark matter, DAMA, CRESST, DARKMATTER, XENON. No WIMP (Weak Interacting Massive Particle) was found by any experiment. Personally, I doubt that dark matter is made up from elementary particles. As a matter of fact both constituents of ordinary matter, neutrons and protons, are not made up from elementary particles but from constituents such as quarks (partons) and gluons, the carrier of the nuclear strong force.Nobody has seen a single quark but only doublets, triplets and quartets of them. So dark matter could be built in a similar way, from a quark-gluon plasma.


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