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Is there some error in the work units again? I'm getting pounded by "compute errors" on my main system. Nothing has changed, yet it's back to lots of errors on the units. Appears to be on the cpu only units, so not sure what gives at this point

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FWIW: ... could be corrupt


... could be corrupt drivers in windows itself and/or Nvidia.

What I would do just for the sake of things:

    Under "CMD" (actually cmd.exe) with ADMIN privileges run "sfc /scannow"  (of course without the ")

See what win7 says ...

And retry some WUs.

Just my two cents of loud thinking!



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First a c(_) of coffee

First a c(_) of coffee ...

1) Heat (energy dissipated by the processor) and dust blocking the (heat) transfer

2) thermal paste aging

3) The (never witnessed) transfer of matter due to overclocking

4) spring-summer-autumn-winter-...?

and then some ()____)____________________)~~~


And then the mind flows... again ... or totally something else can be the reason for errors.


5) Increased current demand (an optimized app or a different kind of work load of new WUs) resulting to voltage drop of the processor. (G: VDROOP)

6) or ...


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