Computation Errors on GTX750Ti?

Graeme J
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I have just joined and I am getting computation errors for all GPU tasks. How do I fix this? All help greatly appreciated.

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One good step in such a case

One good step in such a case is to see what the application told you.

You can click on the tasks link for that machine in your Einstein account, then click on the name of a task in the Task ID column.  You'll find yourself looking at text which is call stderr.

I only looked at one of your tasks, but these two things stand out:

GTX 750 Ti (Platform: NVIDIA CUDA, global memory: 2048 MiB)



In pithy words, you brought a knife to a gun fight.

Quite a few of the current Gravity Wave GPU tasks here at Einstein require more than two gigabytes of GPU RAM.  The allocation failure message has been reported on these forums countless times as a standard symptom.

As to what you can do about it, other than using a GPU card with more memory, the main thing to do here at Einstein would be to use your account|preferences|Project|Applications selection to disallow Gravitational Wave search O2 Multi-Directional GPU, and to be sure to allow Gamma-ray pulsar binary search #1 (GPU).  Your machine has already run 12 of this second type of GPU work without error, and can reasonably be hoped to continue.

Good luck, and welcome to the project.



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